Technical Information


Fine Blanking is a hybrid metal forming process, which is unique in both machinery and designed tooling.
Fine Blanking process combines the technologies of stamping and cold extrusion which shortens the surface finishing process to save time and offer better quality products than other press processes.
Products produced by Fine Blanking Dies are pressed and sheared by the cutting edges of the Main Punch and Die, which has a smaller clearance compared to Normal Press Dies.
The products produced by this process has fully straightened cutting edges.
Fine Blanking Process can also produces products with small holes and gear teethes corresponding to thin material thickness, as well as products with excellent flatness and products that have very little dimensional variation from the first batch of products created to the millionth and beyond.
In short, Fine Blanking is an extremely precise high volume manufacturing process, which offers fine quality for the mass production.
Fine Blanking is cost effective for long lasting products.
Today more than 60% of Fine Blanked products are used in the automotive industry and some with thickness up to 19 millimeters.




SERA Co.,Ltd. (SERA Japan)

Fine Blanking Press Units
FB 800 Ton (Feintool) 2
FB 650 Ton (Mori) 4
FB 200 Ton (Mori) 1
FB 160 Ton (Mori) 1
FB 400 Ton (Amino) 1
Total 9

Conventional Press Units
PP 30-160 Ton (Aida) 14
PP 45 Ton (Komatsu) 2
PP 5-60 Ton 18
Total 34

NRS Scoring Machine Units
NRS 200 Ton (Altech) 1
NRS 300 Ton (Amino) 1

2nd Operation Units
Drilling & Tapping, Milling, Tapping, Barrel and Others. 42

Tooling Units
Wire-Cut E.D.M / E.D.M 4
NC Milling Machine 1
Surface Grinder 7
Others 26

Measuring Instrument Units
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 1
Shape Measuring instrument 1
Projector 2
Toolmaker's microscope 2
Hardness Tester 3

SIAM SERA FB Co.,Ltd. (SSFB Thailand)

Fine Blanking Press Units
FB 1100 Ton (Feintool) 3
FB 880 Ton (Feintool) 1
FB 250 Ton (Feintool) 4
FB 160 Ton (Feintool) 2
FB 100 Ton (Feintool) 1
Total 11

Conventional Press Units
PP600 Ton (Patec) 2
PP200 Ton (Patec) 1Unit   1
PP80 Ton (Komatsu) 2
PP75 Ton (Aida) 1
PP60 Ton (Aida) 1
PP30 Ton (Aida) 1
Total 8

2nd Operation Units
Drilling & Tapping 2
Milling 1
Tapping 2

Tooling Units
Surface Grinder 2
Wire-Cut E.D.M 1
E.D.M. 1
Milling Machine 1
Form Grinding Machine 4

Measuring Instrument Units
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 4
Shape Measuring Machine 1
Rockwell Hardness Tester 1
Projector 1


Fine Blanking Press Units
FB 650 Ton(Mori) 1
FB 650 Ton (Kawasaki) 1
FB 600 Ton (Kawasaki) 1
FB 400 Ton (Kawasaki) 1
Total 3

2nd Operation Units
Barrel Machine 4
Belt Grinder 5
Others 5
Total 14

Tooling Units
Precision Surface Grinder 2
Milling Machine 1

Measuring Instrument Units
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 1
Hardness Tester 1
Shape Measuring Machine 1