Operation Policy
ˇˇThe company is determined to manufacture high quality products according to customers' demand while concentrate on
the introduction of new production technology to be the market leader of the Fine Blanking metal pressing parts in Asia.

Quality Policy
ˇˇOur products shall be fully satisfied by customers for every industries of all over the world.

Company Policy
ˇˇThe company resolute to manufacture high quality precision products according to customers demand,with focus on investment in new technology and aspireto be the market leader of Fine Blanking metal pressed parts.

What is  FINE  BLANKING  ?
ˇˇFine Blanking is a hybrid metal forming process, which is unique in both machinery and designed tooling.
Fine Blanking process combines the technologies of stamping and cold extrusion which shorten the surface finishing process to save time and offer better quality of parts than other press process.
Parts produced by Fine Blanking Die were pressed and sheared by the cut edges of Main Punch and Die, which have smaller clearance than Normal Press Die.
The parts produced by this process have fully sheared straight cut edges.
Fine Blanking Process also produces parts with small holes and thin web sections corresponding to material thickness, parts with excellent flatness and parts that have very little dimensional variation from the first parts through the millionth part and beyond.
In short, Fine Blanking is an extremely precise high volume manufacturing process, which offer fine quality for the mass production of parts.
Fine Blanking is cost effective for the long life project.
Today more than 60% of Fine blanked parts are used in the automotive industry with thickness of up to 19millimeter.